The RevivEE 4.0 team has been together for three weeks and will land in Bucharest, Romania, on September 15. The team started our journey on August 26 for in-person training and team-building in Chisinau, Moldova, to prepare for our mission work in Bucharest.

The diverse group consists of ICOC disciples from 11 different countries, ranging in age from 21 to 59. We are learning and growing from each other through training, lessons, and devotionals taught by myself and Lena. Moreover, we’re getting deeper in our relationship with God through our personal Bible studies and prayers. We can’t wait to see all the amazing ways God will work through us.

Sign up for RevivEE 5.0

We are also excited that RevivEE 5.0 registration is now open. If you’re a faithful disciple who wants to step out in faith, have an adventure with God, and make an eternal impact in Eastern Europe for 10 months starting in September 2024, send a request for an application form via e-mail at

We’re looking for:

  1. Calebs: Empty-nesters or mature disciples who are retired, and willing to share their wisdom and experience, as well as help shepherd the young missionaries.
  2. Church leaders: We’re looking to bring two church-leader couples along to bolster the local work wherever we may go, train to lead future RevivEE teams, or possibly plant a church in Eastern Europe.
  3. Missionaries: Brothers and sisters who’ve decided to train for the full-time ministry. Come join us for the training you need to be appointed an evangelist or women’s ministry leader. Your training will be hands-on and in a “high” faith environment.
  4. Globe changers: Take a gap year (a year off from college) after you graduate or a year-long
    break from your career. Come spend 10 months overseas and get training that will benefit the rest of your life. Not sure if the full-time ministry is for you? This is the perfect setting to explore this calling. In our fellowship, we call this a “One Year Challenge.” Here, we call you “Globe Changers” because you can change a corner of the globe. You’ll help us turn around a church or plant a church while making friends from around the world. You will leave behind a legacy that will be remembered with gratitude for generations to come.

We’re grateful for your support and prayers. Please follow us on Instagram to stay updated on our RevivEE 4.0 journey.