Describe “righteousness” in your own words.

  • Doing the right thing
  • Being obedient to God and parents
  • Obeying laws

When is it most challenging to be righteous?

  • When you feel peer pressure
  • When things are hard
  • When you just don’t feel like obeying
  • When you don’t understand.

The goal of this study is to help you to biblically define righteousness and to help us see our need to be righteous in every situation no matter what.

The Scriptures

1 JOHN 3:7 (Tap to Expand)

What are three qualities found in this verse describing those who are righteous?

  • Those who do what is right.
  • Those who are not led astray.
  • Those who imitate Jesus.

JAMES 2:21-22 (Tap to Expand)

What made Abraham righteous?

  • He offered Isaac.
  • He obeyed God.
  • He obeyed with faith.

Bottom Line: To be righteous is to do what is right and to obey God’s commands.

MATTHEW 26:38-39 (Tap to Expand)

How was Jesus feeling?

  • Overwhelmed, sad or sorrowful, “This is hard,” “I do not want this”

How did Jesus respond to his feelings?

  • He was open about them in prayer.
  • He was willing to do God’s will.
  • He decided to obey God, no matter what.

Bottom Line: We must do what is right even when we do not, feel like obeying God.

ACTS 5:28-29 (Tap to Expand)

Why were the apostles being persecuted?

  • They filled the city with Jesus’ words.
  • They made people feel guilty about hurting Jesus.

How did they handle the persecution?

  • They were bold.
  • They obeyed God no matter what.
  • They did what was right or righteous.

Bottom Line: In the face of persecution or peer pressure, we must do what God says.

Personal Heart Check Questions

1. Is righteousness a daily goal in your life?

2. What areas are you most tempted to be unrighteous?

Practical Applications

MATTHEW 6:33 (Tap to Expand)

Start every morning by seeking God first.

  • Pray to be righteous.
  • Be open about areas of weakness.
  • As cliché as it sounds, when unsure of what to do ask “What would Jesus do?”

Write out half a page about what you’ve learned from this study about righteousness; some things you have done or will do differently because of this study; and how this will help you be a disciple someday.


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