In today’s rapidly changing world, it is essential for churches to remain steadfast in their commitment to the mission of helping people truly know Jesus. The Evangelist Service Team is organizing a workshop to assist church leaders in meeting the challenges of equipping our churches with a mission-focused mindset amid an increasingly distracted and challenging societal context.

The newly formed Evangelist Service Team was asked to specifically focus on the topic of church growth. After looking at growth numbers from our fellowship of churches all around the world we decided that it was best to begin our work with the churches in the U.S. & Canada. We enter this endeavor in humility, understanding that our sole desire is to glorify God. While we acknowledge that there are other issues within our fellowship, the Evangelist Service team has been specifically tasked with focusing on this important topic, and we are eager to engage with it.

We are planning a series of online workshops with our first meeting taking place via Zoom, beginning at 1 pm EST on Tuesday October 3rd. This workshop is for U.S. & Canadian evangelists and women’s ministry leaders; however, staff and elders are invited to participate. Please email for more information about how to register.

So mark your calendars and join us for our “Rise” workshop, and let’s collectively embrace the mission of Jesus and elevate our churches to the glory of God. As leaders, let’s seek to be like a shining light on a hill, impacting our churches and surrounding communities as we strive to transform lives for Christ!

In Christ,

Johnny Rivera