This last year at RMSMT has been one of the best on record! Our enrollment of students has climbed to 93 not counting the many non-credit students who audit our courses. In addition, of those 93 students, 43 reside in Majority World nations. We praise God for his leading and the doors he continues to open!

We have just completed our second face-to-face session for our Spring 2019 graduate level course in the School of Christian Counseling entitled Depression, Anxiety, and Mental Health Counseling taught by Dr. Gregg Marutzky. We had students joining our course physically here in Denver as well as through live streaming and recording all over the world.

Among RMSMT milestones the last year include the following:

  • We appointed Dr. Steve Kinnard as Dean of the Biblical Studies and Ministry School.
  • We began the Master of Arts in Christian Counseling Program.
  • We appointed Dr. Timothy Sumerlin as Dean of the School of Christian Counseling.
  • We began the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies Program with Languages.
  • We offered our first Biblical Hebrew Courses taught by Dr. Rolan Monje.
  • We will offer our first course in New Testament Greek this Fall 2019 taught by Dr. Steve Kinnard.
  • This Spring 2019 we saw our first semester in which we offered five concurrent courses.
  • Two new professors joined our School of Christian Counseling: Dr. Ryan Erbe and Dr. Jennifer Konzen.
  • We now have 12 faculty with Doctorates.
  • This May 2019 we will have our first graduation in which we will honor five graduates: Ver Bacar from the Philippines, Don Downs, Cindy Fetherman, Anna Hunsaker, and Joel Peed all from the United States.
  • We have two new Administrative Assistants joining us: Leslie Dowaschinski, who will focus on helping with RMSMT administration here in Denver and Caleb Downs, who will focus on RMSMT administration internationally.
  • We have eight International Hub directors: Dr. Rolan Monje in the Philippines and SE Asia, Jaeho Park for South Korea and Mongolia, Fred George in West Africa, William Siwa in East Africa, Roger Mathew in India, Sebastian Serra and Pedro Figueroa in Latin America, and Caleb Downs for China.
  • We now have 12 courses transferrable into Lincoln Christian University Graduate Programs toward fully USDE accredited degrees.
  • We now have students registered to take our courses from the following countries: Burundi, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, India, Columbia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Russia, Mongolia, South Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Haiti, Trinidad, Grenada, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and the United States.

Please continue to pray for us as we reach out to equip ICOC leaders around the world. If you would like to be better equipped yourself, or would like to contribute to our Majority World Tuition Scholarship Fund, please contact Dr. Glenn Giles at For further information please also see our website at