Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology (RMSMT) had another encouraging year in 2023! In August, we graduated nine more students with various Master’s degrees including an MA in Biblical Studies, an MA in Biblical Studies with Languages, an MA in Christian Counseling, and an MA in Christian Ministry! We also had our first Certificate in Biblical Studies awarded. Here is a picture of those who were able to graduate in person.

(Students from left to right in the front two rows:
Michael Odwallo, Njideka Eke, Rick Ramunno, Gakii Njebiu, and Hubert Eke.
Professors: From left to right in the back row:
Drs. G. Steve Kinnard, Douglas Jacoby, and Glenn Giles

Our next graduation is slated to be at the ICOC Teachers Church-Building Conference in the LA area on Saturday, September 7, 2024, at 1:30 PM.

We continue to enroll new students each year. We now have 147 registered students from 33 countries. Approximately 60% of those are from developing countries. We have 42 students in our Maestría en Estudios Bíblicos Program in Spanish. We are excited to continue to educate and equip ICOC students around the world!

We also continue to develop new courses to help equip our students to serve Jesus and minister to one another. One of the exciting new courses that we developed this last year was “The Theology and Practice of Biblical Discipleship in the Age of the Reign of God” taught by Drs. Giles, St. Jean, and Kinnard. In this course, we take a new look at biblical discipleship and learn how to surrender our agendas to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in our relationship with him and with one another. It is what I call FLAN JOY Discipleship. It is a new safe way to practice biblical discipleship interacting with each other to help one another grow emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. It invites the Holy Spirit to do his work in each person, to give new connections and maturity with one another, and to work toward making a true HESED Community. If you would like more information on this, please send me an email and we can set up a time to introduce it to you separately from the course.

Please consider enrolling in courses to become better equipped to serve Jesus in this world. This Summer Semester we will be offering the following courses:

  1. Jesus and Spiritual Formation with Dr. Steve Kinnard.
  2. Counseling Adolescents with Dr. Ryan Erbe.
  3. English and Hebrew Exegesis of Deuteronomy with Drs. Trevor Cochell and Rolan Monje.
  4. Biblical Spirituality with Dr. Steve Kinnard.
  5. Introduction to the New Testament with Dr. Courtney Bailey.

Registration for this Summer Semester will not begin until sometime in April but the courses begin May 19. Please fill out an application and begin your journey today toward a master’s Degree or a Certificate to enhance your ability to minister for Jesus in and outside of the church.


Glenn W. Giles, PhD
Director and Professor of Bible and Theology
Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology
Denver, CO