With the growth of our Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology (RMSMT), there has developed a need for more academic oversight of our programs. As such, we are elated to announce the appointment of two new deans to our school.

Dr. Steve Kinnard is now our Dean of the School of Biblical Studies and Ministry. Dr. Kinnard received his Bachelor’s Degree in Bible and English from Freed-Hardeman College, his Master of Divinity Degree in New Testament and Languages from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and his Doctor of Ministry Degree from Drew University. In addition to being Professor of Bible and Spiritual Formation at RMSMT, Dr. Kinnard also serves as Adjunct Professor of Bible at Lincoln Christian University. Dr. Kinnard will continue in those positions while also serving in his new role as Dean here at RMSMT. Welcome Dr. Kinnard! Dr. Timothy Sumerlin is now our Dean of the School of Christian Counseling. Dr. Sumerlin received his Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Indiana University, his Master of Arts in Secondary Counseling from the University of Missouri, and his PhD in Education and Counseling from Colorado State University. He is the creator and director of Disciples-In-Motion Ministry. Dr. Sumerlin has been serving and will continue to serve RMSMT as Professor of Biblical Counseling in addition to his new role as Dean. Welcome Dr. Sumerlin!