Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology is elated to announce that we celebrated our first graduation May 18,2019. There have been many milestones that God has taken us through to get to this point, including authorization by the State of Colorado as a bonafide school to offer graduate degrees in 2014, our first semester in the fall of2015, going world-wide in the spring of 2016 with our completely online program, growing to over 90 students in 2019, and now graduating out first group of students in 2019! To God be the glory!

We are pleased to announce our first graduates from left to right:

  1. Ver Bacar from the Philippines
  2. Don Downs from Denver
  3. Cindy Fetherman from Denver
  4. Anna Hunsaker from Denver
  5. Joel Peed (in absentia) from Eau Claire, Wisconsin

We are proud of you and all the hard work you did to achieve the degreeof Master of Arts in Biblical Studies! You are now better prepared to go makedisciples and minister to God’s people and the world!

Congratulations to each of you!

Glenn W. Giles, PhD

Director of Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology