We at RMSMT are excited to announce our new online two-year MTP (Ministry Training Program) Certificate in Christian Ministry. This program leads to an RMSMT Certificate and was created for those who do not have a bachelor’s degree and are therefore not able to enroll in our graduate programs, or for those who want ministry training but do not want to enroll in Master’s level courses. The program also provides a great opportunity to study and train for those who are not able to enroll in ICOC regional Ministry Training Academies (MTA) or other MTPs around the world.

This program consists of two courses per semester. There are three semesters per year for a total of two years. It will be offered online worldwide and will include videos, reading, and other assignments. Here is an outline of the program:

RMSMT MTP Certificate in Christian Ministry (12 Non-Credit Certificate Courses)

The MTP Certificate in Christian Ministry is a non-credit, non-degree program consisting of 12 pass/no-pass courses giving basic instruction for ministering in our ICOC churches. Students who may not have a bachelor’s degree and thus cannot matriculate into any of our Master’s Degree programs are encouraged to register for this program. As such, the Certificate in Christian Ministry program allows non-degree and degree students (not wanting graduate degree credits) to partake in ministry and Bible training. These courses will be offered onsite in Arvada, Colorado, and will be videotaped for our distance education students. These courses do not lead to a degree or any degree credits. Students must pass all 12 courses to receive a certificate.

Prerequisite: High School Diploma or equivalent

All 12 of the following courses are required for the RMSMT MTP Certificate in Christian Ministry:

  • A. Six Practical Ministry Courses:
  • MTP1: Church Finance and Budgeting/Event Planning
  • MTP2: Church Networking and Influence/Media and Technology
  • MTP3: Developing a Healthy Church Discipling Culture/Culture and Tradition
  • MTP4: Church Ministry Kinetics/Relational Boundaries
  • MTP5: Church Ministry Training and Development
  • MTP6: Church Preaching, Planning, and Preparation
  • B. Six Bible and Theology Courses:
  • MTP7: Biblical Interpretation
  • MTP8: Old Testament Survey
  • MTP9: New Testament Survey
  • MTP10: Biblical WorldView, World Religions, and False Doctrines
  • MTP11: Christian Apologetics
  • MTP12: Pastoral Counseling

MPT Tuition is $150 for each course plus books. The first two courses (MTP7 and MTP3) for this Spring 2021 Semester begin February 1.

If you, or others you know, would be interested in enrolling in this program, please complete, or have them complete, our application for admission and send it to Dr. Giles at glenn@rmsmt.org and submit the application fee online at our RMSMT website. Then register for the courses here.