Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology invites you to enroll in one of our fall 2023 Courses. Most courses begin on August 27, 2023.

David Jung, Master of Arts in Christian Counseling

Here is a list of the courses offered with their course descriptions:

  1. CM751 Congregational Studies, Dr. Gregg Marutzky, Instructor. (August 27 – December 16)
    This course is a comprehensive course on various aspects of leading a congregation
    including conflict resolution, church polity (elders, deacons, evangelists, teachers),
    gender studies, church growth principles for different church sizes, church
    administration, church board, Kids Kingdom, conducting weddings and funerals, using
    technology, integrating spiritual gifts, etc.
  2. CT696 Christian Theology and World Religions, Dr. Douglas Jacoby, Instructor. (August 27 – December 2)
    This course surveys the principles and beliefs (doctrines) of the Christian World View in the Bible in contrast with other World Religions.
  3. NT610 Greek Basics, Dr. Steve Kinnard, Instructor. (August 27 – December 16)
    This course consists of an introduction to the basic principles of New Testament Greek.
  4. NT653/SF653/CT653/CM653 The Sermon on the Mount and Beyond. Dr. Glenn
    Giles and Dr. Trevor Cochell Instructors. (August 27 – December 14)
    This course involves an in-depth study of the Sermon on the Mount from the Book of Matthew, the Christian ethics found in it, and this passage’s application to today.
  5. NT659 The Book of Acts. Dr Trevor Cochell Instructor. (August 27 – December 9)
    This course involves an in-depth English text study of the contents and history found in the Book of Acts and has a special focus on the biblical-theological themes of conversion, the Holy Spirit, church polity, and leadership principles.
  6. PC603/CCC6 Marriage and the Family Counseling, Dr. Jennifer Konzen, Instructor.
    (September 17 – December 16)
    This course involves a study of the dynamics and proper application of biblical principles with respect to marriage and family.
  7. SF680/CT680/CM680/CSF7 The Theology and Practice of Biblical Discipleship in the
    Age of the Reign of God. Drs. Giles, St. Jean, and Kinnard, Instructors. (August 27 – December 16)
    This course focuses on the theology and practice of biblical discipleship, including a study of discipleship in the New Testament, discipleship to Jesus, and relationship as a theological center of the Bible. It also includes practical skills in two-way experiential relationship with God and one another, skills for thriving discipleship maturity, skills in experiencing joy with God and one another, skills in being in step with the Holy Spirit and His leading, and skills in joining with God to create a gentle, kind, humble, loving, safe, hesed community in Christ.
  8. SF601.1 Introducción a la Formación Espiritual y Espiritualidad en Español – Instructor:
    Robert Carrillo. 27 de agosto – 16 de diciembre de 2023
    Este curso examina los aspectos bíblicos, históricos y teológicos de la formación cristiana con énfasis tanto en la vida personal como en los contextos ministeriales. Nuestro curso examinará los principios, problemas y prácticas de crecimiento espiritual en Cristo, tanto personal como corporativamente, con énfasis en las disciplinas cristianas. Este curso explorará las etapas de la espiritualidad y el desarrollo espiritual. Este curso ayudará al estudiante a determinar dónde ha estado, dónde está y hacia dónde quiere ir en su viaje espiritual.

Begin your in-depth studies in the Bible, Ministry, or Counseling today! Please consider applying to take one of these courses for a Master’s Degree Credit or audit this fall. The courses promise to take you deeper in your faith and love for Jesus and others.

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