Graduates and Faculty from our 2022 RMSMT Graduation

We are pleased to announce that our Spring 2022 registration is now open. We are offering the following courses for credit or audit in our Master’s Degree and Certificate Programs.

  1. Church History taught by Dr. G. Steve Kinnard (April 2 – June 3)
  2. Introduction to Christian Theology taught by Dr. Trevor Cochell (January 15 – May 6)
  3. Introduction to the New Testament taught by Dr. Courtney Bailey (January 15 – May 6)
  4. Pastoral Epistles taught by Dr. Courtney Bailey (January 15 – May 6)
  5. Hebrew Exegesis taught by Dr. Rolan Monje and Dr. Trevor Cochell (January 15- May 6)
  6. Depression, Anxiety, and Mental Health Counseling taught by Dr. Gregg Marutzky (January 15- May 6)
  7. The Art of Spiritual Leadership taught by Robert Carrillo (January 15 – May 6)
  8. Intro to Graduate Studies at RMSMT taught by Dr. Glenn Giles (January 1 – Jan 14)

Registration is online at Click here to register. Start your degree today!

For more information contact Dr. Glenn Giles, Director at

Glenn Giles, PhD