Let’s give honor to whom honor is due. Yet how do we effectively express honor and gratitude for a couple who has given 41 years of service to God’s people in the full time ministry? Is there a gift worthy enough, a party big enough, a thank-you letter or video expressive enough….?

Ron and Lavonia Drabot have walked and lived a life of faith. They’ve shown us through challenges and victories that our God is a great God who is to be praised always. They have preached the word in season and out in Tampa, Columbus, Boston, Johannesburg, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Charlotte. Those of us influenced by their examples are now living all over the world sharing the seeds of faith planted and watered in our hearts by this faithful couple.

Join The Charlotte Church and The Carolinas / East Georgia Region as we honor Ron and Lavonia and celebrate their retirement from the full time ministry!

Click here for information about joining us in person, sharing a video of gratitude, or contributing to their dream heritage trip to Germany.