Rajan – A Brother-in-Christ for Three Decades

Rajan was a loving soul to everyone. He came to Bangalore in search of a career, but ended up finding Christ. He is remembered as a man eager to please God, eager to teach others the Word, and eager to love people. Through health and financial issues, and many other struggles, he still loved. He found an amazing partner in Gracy, known for her quiet spirit. Together, they served God along with their lovely daughter, Eva.

Tragedy struck a week ago. Rajan took ill and was rushed to the Baptist Hospital. His blood pressure was way low. He continued battling in the ICU. He seemed to progress a bit. On Sunday, July 5, he passed away. It indeed was a crushing blow to his wife and daughter. Being one of the friends who knew him for a long time, I, along with many hundreds like me, was shocked and moved beyond words.

Under the current pandemic circumstances, those hundreds of friends were even unable to physically bid him goodbye. Due to the stipulations on burial and funeral arrangements, only 20 were allowed in the cemetery to bury him. The rest of us witnessed Rajan’s funeral, through Zoom.

Many pairs of eyes were moist and flowing with tears behind those screens, as we all watched a very moving burial. As we were coming to terms with life and focusing on questions only a funeral can prompt, Evangelist Mark Pichamuthu, shared a fitting and uplifting adieu to Rajan.

Our spirits now are encouraged by the fact that he has gone to be with his Maker and is in a very safe space. No more telling Rajan, “Stay Home, Stay Safe!” He is home and his is the safest he can ever be.

Please say a prayer for Gracy and Eva.