Dear friends and family around the world,

We are happy to announce that registration is open for RevivEE 4.0! The last three years God has worked in an amazing way, by launching a new vision for missions in Eastern Europe.

We are putting together now our fourth multi-national, multi-generational mission team to come to Eastern Europe for 10 months. RevivEE 4.0 will launch September 1, 2023 and will finish July 1, 2024.

Who should sign up? We are looking for good-hearted, faithful disciples who have a heart to be trained and a desire to spend 10 months letting God use them to change a nation for eternity. We have four categories we are looking for:

  1. Calebs: Empty nesters or mature disciples who are retired, and willing to come and share their wisdom and experience with an Eastern European nation, and help us shepherd the young missionaries.
  2. Church leaders: We are looking to bring two church leader couples along with us to help us bolster the local work, wherever we may go, to train to lead future RevivEE teams or possibly plant a church in Eastern Europe.
  3. Missionaries: Brothers and sisters who have decided to train for the full-time ministry. Come join us and get the training you need to be appointed an evangelist or woman’s ministry leader. Here your training will be hands on and in a “high” faith environment!
  4. Globe changers: Take a year off from school, take a gap year, come spend a year after you graduate, or take a year break from your career. Come spend 10 months overseas and get training that will benefit you the rest of your life! Not sure if the full-time ministry is for you? This is the perfect setting to explore this calling! In our fellowship we call this a “One Year Challenge” – here we call you “Globe Changers” because in 10 months – you can change a corner of the globe! You will help us turn around a church, or plant a church, and you will make friends from all over the world. You will leave behind a legacy that will be remembered with gratitude for generations to come.

Our first RevivEE was supposed to land in Budapest, but God rerouted us to Odessa. Our next RevivEE was to land in Zagreb, but God rerouted us to Chisinau. God perfectly positioned us to greet the Odessa Church in Chisinau six months later when Russia invaded the Ukraine. In the backdrop of all the chaos the church of 53 disciples saw 21 baptisms and restorations!

We are not sure of the destination of 4.0 at this hour, but we know wherever God takes us, we will do our best to reflect Christ and impact eternity.

Contact us at for an application.

Please pray for us and the Eastern European region of churches!

Much love, 
Shawn & Lena Wooten