2010 is off and running for the singles ministry around the world in the International Churches of Christ. Every month more churches or family of churches are having single conferences, workshops or retreats. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, West Africa, Singapore, Manila or Kuwait, singles around the world are coming together to grow as disciples and advance the gospel of Christ. Truly, the churches are seeing the impact that the singles are having on our world.

The Singles Service Team and the Metro Manila Christian Church announced the 2010 International Singles Conference in Manila, Philippines August 12th -15th. “Soar” is the theme for this year’s international conference. The action begins with a workshop for all single leaders on Thursday, August 12th followed that evening with the opening night celebrations. We are looking forward to over two thousand singles from around the world to come together and dream about what God is doing with the singles ministries. An additional Singles Manila Volunteer Corps, working with HOPE worldwide will kick off on Wednesday August 4th, to serve those affected by last year’s devastating flooding.

One of the focuses the singles ministry is trying to address is the conversion of more men. Sadly, many of our churches have an imbalance of women to men. There are bright spots in our churches but they are the exception rather than the rule. One way to deal with issue is creating, what we call in the Dallas church, the “M-ing Dynasty”. Inspiring men (the m) to be involved in events that they are attracted to (the-ings), such as golfing, fishing, hiking, etc… More stories and information will be coming soon about such activities and how they are helpful in drawing men to Christ.

Todd Asaad (Chairman), Dallas
Lin Beaty, Atlanta
Wilner Cornely, Chicago
Deanne de Vries, Kuwait
Terry Folker, Boston
Steve Frederickson, Dallas
Kimba Henderson, Los Angeles
John Lusk, Denver
Marco Pellizzeri, Los Angeles
Joy Rostrata, Manila