This is what we’re hearing from ministers leading groups of 150 or less:

“I want my ministry to grow as we move past the pandemic, but we still feel stuck.”

“We want tools to help us grow – but to grow healthy – not just numerically.”

“I want God to grow my church without having to sacrifice my family to see it happen.”

“Our ministry situation is different…how can I get help?”

“Leading is lonely. How can I feel like I’m part of something bigger?”

“Sometimes leading a smaller ministry makes me feel like I’m ‘junior varsity.’ When the truth is, this is tough. I need encouragement from people who understand.”

If you’ve felt any of the above, then we’ve made a conference just for you. 

In just its third year, Climb has distinguished itself as a premier gathering in our fellowship focused specifically on growth and health for churches and their leaders. No matter your ministry size or situation, you’re sure to get encouragement and gain wisdom at Climb 2023 in Dallas – Fort Worth (Nov. 30 – Dec. 3, 2023). So many past attendees have echoed that this conference’s focus on the specific needs of ministers and their ministries is a game-changer. If you or your church are in a valley, it might be time to Climb!

We’re about six months from opening night, but we’re already in awe of what God is doing:

  • We have over 100 people already registered. (That rivals the total attendance from our first conference in 2019.) We are thrilled about the enthusiasm we’re seeing. Note: space is limited.
  • Climb is becoming international. For the first time ever, we have people making sacrifices to attend in-person from every continent. This will surely enhance and expand our fellowship and perspective as leaders.
  • The list of speakers and classes (see below) is coming together in a way that will provide tangible help for specific ministry situations while also keeping the intimacy and connection that is a hallmark of this unique event.
  • For the first time, a portion of the conference will be devoted specifically to women in leadership. The demands of smaller ministries on women in leadership are unique and varied. This should be exceptionally encouraging.

Registration is only $150 per attendee right now but it will go up soon. If you’ve been waiting to sign up, now is a great time to get this event booked.

One last thing…

We don’t want anyone to miss out on the encouragement and teaching provided. Because this conference is specifically geared for leaders of smaller ministries, you might not think it applies to you. But, in reality, almost everyone leading a group in our fellowship is leading a small ministry. This really is a leadership growth and health conference for all. Please consider attending if you are:

  • Leading a church around 150 members or less
  • Unpaid or in a hybrid ministry situation
  • Leading a campus ministry or any ministry in a larger church
  • On a board or core leadership group in a smaller church
  • Aspire to plant a church or go into the ministry
  • Feeling stuck, isolated, or discouraged

Register today!


This year, our presenters will focus on one of four lenses: Inspiration, ministry growth/health, minister wellness, and navigating difficult issues. Here’s the list of speakers:

  • Shawn Wooten
  • Kevin Miller
  • Dave Bliley
  • Dr. David Pocta
  • Darren Overstreet
  • Jeanie Shaw
  • Tony Singh
  • Robert Carillo
  • Christy Peed
  • Pam Skinner
  • Joel Peed
  • Joel Nagel
  • Rob Skinner

Climb on!