Join us for the 2021 Climb Conference in Dallas, Texas from December 2-5! If you are leading in a small church, ministry, group, or Bible Talk, you don’t want to miss this event. Each day will have a theme and classes that will give you tools to help you and your ministry grow. We have a great roster of speakers who are ready and thoroughly equipped to encourage and inspire you.

Be prepared for personal growth, ministry growth and planning, and a massive amount of encouragement. We want to make 2022 revolutionary for you and your ministry. Sign up ASAP and let your ministry know as well!

Classes include:

  • “Do the Things that Work” – Kelcy Hahn
  • “Preaching on Purpose” – John Lusk
  • “A Leader’s Understanding of Trauma” – Kyle Spears
  • “Dealing with Conflict” – David Jung
  • Todd Asaad, Josue Ortega, Steve Saindon, Jennifer Konzen and more

Click here to register and for more information.