The Springfield Church of Christ is seeking to hire a full-time ministry couple to fill the roles of evangelist and women’s ministry leader. It is our desire to fill these positions by August 1st, 2023. The ideal candidate(s) should be passionate about their relationship with God, have a deep love for his people, and a desire to personally model and shepherd a growth-mindset in the hearts and minds of the members of the congregation. 

The staff couple will be compensated as full-time employees, including a retirement plan, health insurance coverage, ministry travel expenses, and a monthly reimbursable paid ministry expense budget. 

The Springfield Church currently has just over 30 faithful disciples. Many of the members have been disciples for years and are spiritually grounded and mature. The congregation was planted in 1995 and is looking forward to its 30th anniversary in just two years. 

The Springfield Church is part of the Midwest Regional Family of Churches and enjoys collaborating with the other Central Illinois Churches (Champaign & Bloomington) for Prairieland worship services, marriage retreats and other events. Ideal ministry candidates should have a humble and cooperative spirit and openly welcome discipling and input from other Midwest and Prairieland Church leaders who are all invested in the well-being of the Springfield Church. 

One thing that the church is excited about is our partnership with the Washington Street Mission, which is where we meet for worship services on Sundays. The Mission is a long standing Christian-based non-profit organization that has served the poor and homeless population in Springfield for well over 100 years. By meeting at the Mission, we have an opportunity to live out Matthew 25:34-40 on a weekly basis. The Mission also provides a newly renovated office space which is available for the ministry staff to make their own. 

As the capital of Illinois, Springfield has a lot to offer to its residents. Over 200,000 people live in the Springfield area, making it one of the largest metropolitan areas in Illinois. It’s also the home to all things Abraham Lincoln! His home, world-class presidential museum, library, and even his tomb are all right in town.

We have great faith that there are young men and women at Lincoln Land Community College (5,000 students) and the University of Illinois Springfield Campus (4,000 students) that are open and eager to give their lives to Jesus. In the recent past we’ve hosted successful campus connect programs and campus ministry internships, all of which have been encouraging to the congregation and to the visiting students. It is our hope to keep building on this momentum.

We are accepting applications for this exciting opportunity through June 30th, 2023, with interviews to follow as soon as July. To find out more about this opportunity or to apply, please email and include a current resume and letter of recommendation from a current church leader. We’re praying for you!