In the midst of the stark realities uncovered by the global COVID-19 pandemic, a new book promises to shine a light on God’s timeless wisdom and vision for marriage and breathe new life into any couple wishing to thrive in their marriage.

Released in February 2021, the aptly titled Stay Home Marriage book was written by Kevin and Lisa Robbins, Elder and Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader in the Milestone Churches in Toronto, Canada.

The Robbins champion the ‘stay home’ mindset, built on the powerful idea that home can be a place of safety and security, where couples experience a genuine connection that brings mutual encouragement and fulfillment.

Although written during the coronavirus crisis, Stay Home Marriage offers practical suggestions on how couples can remain steadfast in any time of crisis and enjoy a thriving marriage through both the exciting and the mundane. This is excellent news because, let’s face it, the worldwide event we are living in has only revealed fractures and loose ends that were already existing in many marriages, sending them into crisis.

In this shared struggle, many couples have found renewed hope and new perspective on their marriages as they tuned in to a weekly YouTube broadcast entitled Amazing Love, hosted by the Robbins. In Marriage Mondays, as these weekly episodes are called, the Robbins draw from a wealth of personal experience in their own marriage, as well as years of counseling many couples and their own continued learning, to offer inspiration and practical advice to couples.

The Robbins have been married for over 30 years. They have two wonderful daughters whose marriages have expanded their family to include two amazing sons-in-law. In addition to leading various ministries in the church in Toronto for almost 25 years, they have planted churches in Vancouver, British Columbia and Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada. They have also served in ministry with the Los Angeles Church of Christ in California. As a couple, they have been keynote speakers at marriage conferences and events around the world.

As we continue to face this pandemic with its many forms of ‘stay home’ orders, the Stay Home Marriage book is an invitation to invest in one of the most precious relationships: our marriages, and not just for this season, but for a lifetime of mutual fulfillment.

You can get your own copy of Stay Home Marriage on Amazon. While you’re at it, do yourself a favor: do pay the Robbins a visit at their website, where you can also find more information about their Marriage Mondays episodes.