Church leaders from 12 countries in Southern Africa concluded a successful workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa. The theme was #strongertogether and the brothers and sisters enjoyed a time of learning, fun and fellowship. 

Over the first three days, the delegates were treated to classes from Mike and Anne-Brigitte Taliaferro, from Mission Point church in San Antonio, TX, evangelist Collin Sherrill, and campus minister Reo Allen from the Two Cities church in Minneapolis, and Drs. Ted Compagna and Don Maharty from the church in Fayetteville, NC. 

Tom Ziegler, a church elder in San Antonio, and executive director of the Africa Missions Association, taught a class on self-care, and also shared about good news about missions on the African continent. 

Family group leaders in the Johannesburg church joined the workshop on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, where they learned about spiritual leadership and how to build effective ministries. 

Here is feedback from some of those in attendance. 

Dillon Musvamiri leads the church in Windhoek, Namibia. He said, “It was an empowering time. I loved first taking stock of how we’re doing as individuals, so we’re better able to give. The workshop gave me direction and showed the importance of building relationships, so we’re united and stronger together. I look forward to seeing what God is going to build in our region.” 

David Gondongwe, the evangelist in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, appreciated the group discussions and time for reflection. “I also loved the practical ministry applications, such as developing people through small groups,” he said. 

The fellowship, and time to bond and build new friendships, meant a lot to Judia Rodrigues, the women’s ministry leader in Angola. She shared her takeaways. “All the lessons were fantastic, but one that stayed with me was to be Christ-like in my marriage, parenting, and leadership. This is what I want to work on.” 

There were also younger leaders in attendance. Thandie Mochoe, from Mozambique, said, “I loved being able to meet leaders from different countries and learning from their experience. I also learned that a leader first needs to be a servant because when people see your presence on the ground, they are inspired. I also learned that my role as a leader is to build people up while Jesus builds his church.” 

Being able to tap into the collective wealth of experience meant a lot to Khojane Khethisa, from Lesotho. “I’d like to thank the great speakers who shared their strategies on successful leadership, particularly on the success of small groups. I can’t wait to share the information back home. I’ve been inspired to renew my dreams for the Lord’s work in Lesotho by being a worker in our Lord’s vineyard.” 

Finally, Juju Rodrigues, the evangelist in Angola, shared the last word. “The workshop was phenomenal. I enjoyed the fellowship with local and US leaders. It felt like heaven, and I can’t wait for the next one.”