The churches in Taiwan are grateful to have 500+ faithful disciples who are so devoted and united that during the pandemic, we saw our churches continue to grow numerically and financially. We witnessed baptisms from teens to seniors, next-generation leaders raised, and new deacons appointed, as we gathered to celebrate our 30th anniversary.

We kicked off 2022 with three core values: to equip the disciples, to reach the lost, and to connect everyone. The leadership team developed a series of systematic discipling courses, which train the disciples to lead Bible discussions one-on-one or online. This empowered over 200 disciples to grow deeper in their convictions.

Just as Jesus cares about the lost, we are inspired to reach the lost. Various creative outreach ministries are organized to fulfill the mission. With dating and marriage counseling programs, parenting classes, and science and faith education, God allowed us to reach over 10,000 different people in 2022.

This year a media team was formed to produce digital content. As a result, more than 250 videos were made, including broadcasts, spiritual resources, and monthly good news sharing. An online platform was built to share the resources with those smaller or underground churches in need.

We are humbled to see God move his church in a way we never imagined and to learn that neither the pandemic nor the threat of war would stop the gospel. To God be the glory.