The Teachers Service Team met in March and October of 2012. Before our October meeting, we added two sisters to our team, Kay McKean and Deb Anton.

During our March meeting, the Teachers Service team completed a paper on the teacher’s role and qualifications. The Teacher’s Role Paper received feedback from evangelists and elders service teams.

The suggested changes were accepted. The delegates also evaluated the paper and gave feedback on it. The delegates voted in favor of the paper in San Antonio in July.

We also began working on a paper on how to settle disputable matters. This topic, the discussions, and the paper-writing process were a great learning experiment for developing our model of how to handle issues upon which we disagree. We learned how important it has been to include representatives from other groups (elders and evangelists) in this process.

We also developed a Teachers Mission Statement. This statement was presented to the delegates in San Antonio and accepted.

We decided to revive the International Teachers Seminar (ITS).

Douglas Jacoby is planning the 2013 ITS, which will be held 19-26 October 2013. The three main places to visit are Athens, Patmos, and Ephesus. Link to the details:

During the October meeting, we worked on a paper on hermeneutics. That paper is still in progress.

These are our subcommittees:

Congregational Teaching–Ed Anton, chair. Joey Harris, Douglas Jacoby, Fred Faller, Steve Kinnard.

Technology-– Arturo Elizarrarás, chair, Joey Harris.

Accreditation—Glenn Giles, chair. Steve Kinnard.

Teacher Development—Valdur Koha, chair. Joey Harris, Rolan Monje, Steve Kinnard.

Members of the Teachers Service Team:

Steve Kinnard, chairman. New York City

Ed Anton, Deb Anton, Hampton Roads, Virginia

Steve Brown, McAllen, Texas

Arturo Elizarrarás, Mexico City

Fred Faller, Boston

Gordon Ferguson, Los Angeles

Joey Harris, Augusta, Georgia

Douglas Jacoby, Athens, Georgia

Tom Jones, Nashville

Valdur Koha, Boston

Kay McKean, Northern Virginia

Rolan Monje, Manila

Reese Neyland, Los Angeles

Steve Staten, Chicago