Our sister church in Lagos graciously invited me to attend the appointment of three teachers to their ministry on Sunday, August 19. The new teachers are Fred George, Emmanuel Emeh, and Gilbert Kimeng. I’ve been training, mentoring, and working with these brothers over the last several years. It’s been a thrill to work with them. These three brothers will be the first to be appointed to the role of teacher on the continent of Africa by our movement of churches. So, this is quite a historic occasion, and I’m blessed to be part of this event. I want to personally thank Dr. Douglas Jacoby for his work in West Africa. Douglas initiated the first Ministry Training Program which helped equip Fred, Emmanuel, and Gilbert to rise up and become teachers. Also, thanks to Joey Harris and other teachers who taught in the training program. I also want to thank the Rocky Mountain School Of Ministry and Theology for their work in training ministry leaders in our churches. All three of these teachers have taken courses at the RMSMT, and two of them are pursing degrees there. The RMSMT specializes in helping students in developing countries work toward advanced degrees in theology. Also, a big thanks to the Beam Fund for sponsoring a program that allowed me to focus on training and mentoring potential teachers in West Africa, French West Africa, and East Africa. The appointment/recognition of Fred, Emmanuel, and Gilbert is the direct result of their investment in the teaching ministry. Thanks to the Board of Directors of the Beam Fund for your partnership in this endeavor. Also, a big thanks to Chris and Rolayo Ogbonnaya and to the elders in Lagos for your warm invitation to me to help train and mentor teachers in West Africa. Your partnership has meant much to me over the years. My time spent in Africa training teachers has been one of the most satisfying tasks of my life. I appreciate you allowing me to use my gifts to help the disciples in Africa. God bless all of you. I’m grateful for every moment I get to spend in Africa. The warmth and generosity of the disciples in Lagos is overwhelming. Thanks you for your love for me and my family over the years. Please pray for the church in Lagos. Pray for the future ministry leaders in the West Africa School Of Missions. And pray for Fred, Emmanuel, and Gilbert, newly appointed teachers in Lagos. God bless all the churches across the continent of Africa. Amen.