What is a marital intensive, who is it for, and what does it include? How would you know if you and your spouse would benefit? A marital intensive is not a marriage retreat. It is a week of group and individual sessions for couples in need.

Who is it for? It could either be for a couple who just wants to keep their marriage growing and healthy. It is also for couples who either have a history of having a hard time in their marriage or couples who have had some serious challenges who need to repair and renew after long-term conflict, betrayals, or addiction.

For some couples, your relationship is steady, but is needing some attention and refreshment. For others, though you feel intimate and connected and your marriage is going well, your sexual relationship can sometimes have some difficulties and you want some help. And still others who take this intensive feel their marriage is experiencing trouble. All couples, regardless of where their marriage is at, are welcome. Though this intensive includes a focus on working through conflict and possible betrayals, it also includes rebuilding friendship, beginning steps on returning to relational intimacy, and building blocks for returning to sexual intimacy, and steps to enhance the intimate marriage relationship at all stages.

If any of these words describe what you are experiencing in your marriage, register for the next weeklong marriage intensive from May 27 – June 3, 2023.