Before going to Zambia this past summer, I had just finished a stressful senior year of high school. I received a letter in the mail I had written to myself in 8th grade. I had written about my bucket list, and that I wanted to travel to Africa. That same day I received an email from HOPE worldwide that I would have the opportunity to go serve in Zambia. That was God working!

I learned so much about myself and the experiences I witnessed. I started to read my Bible every day, which brought me back to the real reason why God sent me to Zambia. One of the biggest things I learned was patience. This trip was not about me, but glorifying God through service in every step I took…to wash feet and be humble.

God gave me abilities within the arts. I painted murals in a classroom, and my love for singing allowed me to connect with the children. Seeing the children and the community’s reaction to the playground, mural, and school supplies brought warmth to my heart.

On my last day of volunteering, the kids gave me letters. What could I give? I started drawing on my notepad and gave it to them, which put the biggest smiles on their faces.

I also never thoughtthe relationships with disciples could grow to be so strong. When I heard theirstories and how they kept God as their rock through the storms, I knew that Iwas lost without him.

I started studying the Bible once I came home. I got baptized and proclaimed him Lord of my life on October 31. I went to Zambia with a mindset of serving others, but the people I met fed me spiritually more than I imagined (Ephesians 2:10).