We have seen God’s love for us and his desire to have a relationship with us. We respond to that love by pursuing a relationship with him through our faith in Christ, our obedience to the word and our repentance. We enter into that relationship fully through our baptism. Then what? God not only has a plan for our relationship with him, but a plan for our relationship with each other, the family of God!

What is the “church?” The Greek word is “Ecclesia” “A group of people called out for a purpose.” God has called us out of the world to be in his family, the body of Christ



The church is the “body” of Christ. It’s all of us together with Christ as the head.


The body of Christ is like a building, with Jesus as the foundation.


God wants no division in his church! We need to build unity!

HEBREWS 10:23-25

Why is it important to meet together? What would stop me?

ACTS 2:42-47

“snapshot” of the 1st church.

  • What stands out to me?


1 PETER 1:22-23

As a family, love each other deeply from the heart!

HEBREWS 3: 12-13

  • What does “see to it” mean?
  • Why is this important?
  • How do I develop these kinds of relationships?

1 CORINTHIANS 12:12-27

We are each baptized into this body and we all have an equal place in this family. We need each other!

HEBREWS 13: 7, 17

Christ is always the head of the body and His word is above all else, but the church does have leadership! We need to support and encourage our leaders. They are there for us! If you have a question or concern, speak up with respect and love.

1 JOHN 4:7-12

We love because he loves us! Loving each other and the church is not an option. This is the family of God!

MATTHEW 6:33-34

The church is part of God’s kingdom on earth. Make plans now to be at all the meetings of the body! Find out what’s going on!

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