As leaders in the ICOC for the past 25 years and having navigated the ups and downs of our church’s history, we have been very encouraged to see the growth and progress of many Christians in the maturing of their faith. We have however, also found groups of disciples in many of the churches we minister to, who have not been revived spiritually.

Many of these disciples, or “wounded idealists,” have lost the dream and cannot effectively find their way back to faithful conviction. Life has turned out to be significantly harder than they expected when they were idealistic campus students. The church, marriage, parenting, health, finances and relationships have become sources of disappointment and disillusionment; and despite their best efforts, they have become increasingly cynical.

It has been said that if you scratch under the surface of a cynic you will find a wounded idealist. The Healing of a Wounded Idealist provides an empathetic look at life as a Christian idealist, a sober view as to what wounds idealists and a practical guide for the Christian cynic back to faith.