Sam Laing’s new book The Seven People Who Help You to Heaven addresses God’s wonderful plan of how we are to help one another grow and remain faithful as we follow Jesus all the days of our lives. He teaches that this is God’s perfect plan in spite of him knowing that none of us are perfect and that we will make mistakes as and have mistakes made on us as we seek to live it out. This will help us all learn vital truths about how to be helped, and how to help one another.

One of the great plans of God for his church is for his amazing “one another” teaching to be fully embraced by us – and as a result, we will grow spiritually, and in number! And yes, brothers and sisters, this is one of the greatest practices that our movement has helped to restore in the church of our day and time. This book will help us to be renewed in our convictions on this, and to be revived in our churches, as we bring it back into our personal lives, our smaller community groups, and our full local church fellowship!

Learn more through these videos.

In each video, Sam’s son David interviews him about the content of a particular chapter. These videos are fun and interesting as we see a son from a younger generation asking questions of his father from an older generation. David asks Sam questions to help us understand how God has designed these wonderful teachings, and how they can be brought wisely and effectively into our lives. May these videos inspire and help you see how others can help you to heaven, and how you can help them!

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