A few years back, I found myself engrossed in an insightful commentary on the Samuel scroll by Robert Alter. This commentary completely changed how I read the story of King David and began a period of personal reflection that helped get me through a deep spiritual struggle that I was going through at the time. This journey led me to a profound realization: the story of King David, a central figure in biblical history, is often misunderstood and oversimplified. The rich tapestry of his life, from his complex relationship with Joab, his murderous nephew and the leader of Israel’s army, to his troubled marriage with Michal, Saul’s daughter, is frequently overshadowed by the famous tales of Goliath and Bathsheba.

It became clear that David’s narrative, filled with political intrigue, deep personal flaws, and the struggle to hear God’s voice amidst the noise of fame and power, deserved a retelling that captured its full depth and intensity. Alter’s commentary painted these biblical figures in vivid detail, revealing the complexity of their relationships and the dramatic tension of their stories. It inspired me to embark on a journey to retell this story in a manner true to its original gravity and grandeur. 

So I wrote a novel about King David’s life, The Shepherd King: Breath of The Spirit. In writing this novel I aimed to craft a narrative as rich and compelling as the biblical text itself. I realized that to convey the true essence of these ancient stories, I needed to present them with the same intensity they were originally meant to have. The Bible, at times, is graphic, intense, and very mature, reflecting the full spectrum of the human experience. I felt that I would do a disservice to God’s word if I took these scenes out, or overly watered them down. 

I decided to convey this story to a modern audience with the inspiration of anime. I found a curious parallel between King David’s story and shows like Full Metal Alchemist, Vinland Saga and Attack on Titan. These series, which appear to be children’s cartoons on the surface, actually delve deep into some dark themes. This is very much like how David’s life is often portrayed as a children’s story, but then very quickly dives into mature tales and graphic stories. I have also strived to not be overtly graphic or sexual in any depictions of these stories. I am trying to reflect the biblical account of King David’s life as accurately as possible, while still adapting the story and building a world that a modern audience can enjoy. 

My ultimate dream of this project is to transform the story of The Shepherd King into a Japanese-style animated series, and this novel is the first step on that journey. I hope to write two more novels that cover King David’s life and one day pitch these stories to an animation studio or media company.

Wesley LoGiudice

So, if this rediscovery of King David’s story resonates with you, I invite you to explore The Shepherd King: Breath of The Spirit. This novel is my heartfelt attempt to bring King David’s story to life by preserving its complexity and depth while also making it accessible to a contemporary audience. If any of this sounds interesting to you, please read it, give it a review, and join me on this journey of rediscovering one of the greatest tales in God’s inspired word.

I recommend it…to be read by every disciple. Wes puts a new and deep spin on the ancient story of David, Goliath and the Psalms.

Lowell Hoover, evangelist, Zagreb Church

The Shepherd King was a joy to read! I enjoyed Wesley LoGiudice’s sense of humor and his love for anime throughout the book. You can tell he did his biblical research with the characters in the book.

Sidney St Cyr