Introduction: It is always a good idea to start every study with a review of the previous studies that have been done— repetition strengthens conviction. 

The purpose of this study is to instill a deeper understanding and appreciation for the life of Jesus. Far too often it has been assumed that most people already have a solid understanding of who Jesus really is. While many have heard a lot about Jesus, few have a Biblically complete view of his heart, character, and ministry. This study is but one brief attempt to help someone gain such a view.

JOHN 1:1-18

  • Incredible overview of the sovereignty and significance of Jesus:

    • He was with God from the beginning (vs.2)
    • All things were created through him (vs.3)
    • He was the Word (which was God) made into flesh (vs.14)
    • He came to make the Father known (vs.18)
    • He came to help people become children of God (vs.12-13)
  • Twice this passage refers to Jesus as bringing grace and truth (vs.14 and 17)
  • There is probably not a better way to summarize Jesus heart, life, character and purpose than with these two words. It is said here that he was “full of grace and truth” and that he has “brought grace and truth.” It was who he was and what he did.


We often associate grace with the cross, and rightly so as we will study later, but grace was a huge part of Jesus daily life and ministry.

JOHN 8:1-11

  • What a great example of Jesus grace, shown by his compassion and eagerness to forgive.

JOHN 13:1-17

Another great example of his grace, is shown by his humility and willingness to lower himself to serve others.


The word “true” in one of its forms is used nearly 70 times in the gospel of John; it was a primary focus of Jesus as he had much to say and teach.

JOHN 2:12-22

This passage shows Jesus’ courage to stand up for the truth that was being compromised by the religious leaders of his day. Notice how he used the scriptures as his standard.

JOHN 8:31-32

  • You will know his teaching is true if you put it into practice.

  • “Real disciples” are the ones who put his words into practice.

  • Jesus’ truth “sets us free” from our sin.

ACTS 17:10-11


Does this overview help you understand Jesus better? There are many other scriptures throughout the gospel of John, as well as the other three gospels that demonstrate that Jesus truly was “full of grace and truth.” Can you think of any others that you have come across in your reading?

As you continue to read through the gospels, look for these two qualities in his life and leadership—and strive to imitate them in your life as well.