Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done. Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts… Remember the wonders he has done.” – Psalm 105:1-2, 5

We have much to thank God for as 2017 draws to a close. We praise him for his guidance and love through both good news and trials. Here are our top stories of the year, listed by number of reads, to help you remember, reflect, and praise God with us. The numbers represent the number of reads to this date. 

  1. Open Letter from Wyndham Shaw (13,493)
  2. “A Beautiful Story of Redemption” (11,310)
  3. Be Bold for Spiritual Change 2017 (10,003)
  4. Orlando Church Hires New Lead Couple (7,388)
  5. Russian Church Leader in Serious Condition After Car Accident (7,373)
  6. Hong Kong Church of Christ Selects New Church Leader (7,236)
  7. “That Was Kevin’s Best Sermon Ever” (6,998)
  8. Choosing God’s Peace through Unexpected Trials (6,832)
  9. ICOC 3.0 Update (3,636. This is the latest article in a series of articles that has received tens of thousands of hits.)
  10. Progress and Joy in the Faith: Laings to Begin New Ministry Effort (6,113)
  11. What I Preached in Charlottesville (6,163)
  12. In the Face of Tragedy in Las Vegas (5,534)
  13. My Family and Jesus: 30 Years and Five Churches (5,514)
  14. Design the New Disciples Today Logo (5,268)
  15. The Day I Hugged the Drunk Driver Who Almost Killed Me (5,321)
  16. 50 Singles Build Family and Memories on DT Singles Cruise (5,205)
  17. Thespian Theophilus Wades in the Water (4,915)
  18. This Facebook Post Made Me a Christian (4,490)
  19. Upside Down to Celebrate 30th Anniversary with Free Release (4,251)
  20. Nationalism and Racism (4,225)
  21. Hurricane Harvey: ‘A Storm That the United States Has Not Seen Yet’ (4,062)
  22. Who Should Be a Christian Teacher? (4,067)
  23. 2017 Family Conference Report (3,970)
  24. Pray and Donate to Support Guy & Cathy Hammond (3,678)
  25. New Release: Crossing the Line: Culture, Race and Kingdom (3,430)
  26. Back to the (Full-Time Ministry) Future (3,417)
  27. DT Heart & Soul Hits Record High Membership (3,413)
  28. Disaster Response Update from HOPEww (3,249)