1. What is involved in training? (Athletic or spiritual)

  • Repetition
  • Learning the basics

2. How will you train yourself to be godly?

  • Consistent, daily times with God in his word and prayer
  • Sharing your faith daily
  • Having self-control in challenging situations

The goal of this Study is to help you to see that your spiritual progress depends on your willingness and effort to build your relationship with God. God wants each of us to take personal responsibility to mature and grow. To be godly requires self-discipline and seriousness in heart and mind.

The Scriptures

PHILIPPIANS 2:2-13 (Tap to Expand)

Who is responsible for your salvation?

Pick one: parents, teen leader, church, or you? What does it mean to “work out your own salvation”?

  • Obedience to God, even when other spiritual people aren’t around
  • Paying attention to your spiritual health
  • Fearing God

Bottom Line: God puts the responsibility to work out your salvation on you. Then when you start working, he works in you to help you live out his purpose. How encouraging!

1 PETER 2:2-3 (Tap to Expand)

What does it mean to crave?

  • To have an intense desire
  • Can’t wait to get it

What is “pure spiritual milk”?

  • The Bible and prayer
  • Godly advice from parents and leaders
  • Christ-like examples

Bottom Line: What we desire, we pursue. You must cultivate an appetite for a godly character by “tasting” the goodness of the Lord through your personal Bible study and imitating godly qualities in others.

1 TIMOTHY 4:12 (Tap to Expand)

What example can you set for other teens?

  • Bible study and prayer being daily and life-changing
  • Sharing your faith daily
  • Home life (Christianity starts at home!)
  • Serving without hesitation
  • Speaking to others to build them up and not tear them down, whether it’s a challenge or an encouragement; giving from your heart in all conversations
  • Acting maturely in church
  • Being real and sincere in your motivation to become a Christian

Bottom Line: Even though you are young, you can inspire others by your godly example.

Personal Heart Check Questions

1. What life areas do you need to mature in?

2. Are you willing to take responsibility for seeking to change in these areas?

Practical Applications

Decide that you will be an example to the other teens when you are in the fellowship. Write a half-page response describing the areas that you need to grow in and what you will initiate to see them change.