Over 800 people attended Wyndham Shaw’s Celebration of Life service on Saturday, December 7, while 8,000 people from 44 countries watched via livestream. Wyndham was a longtime elder of the Boston Church of Christ, whose impact was felt around the world. Below is a tribute written by Gordon Ferguson. See also: Wyndham Shaw Goes Home to the Lord | Livestream of Wyndham’s service | Video tribute | Tribute from grandchildren

Upon hearing of Wyndham’s passing, one of his longtime ministry friends simply said, “He was a spiritual man among boys.” The statement resounded with me, for it summed up a life that went well beyond the oft-used phrase of a life well lived. His life was more than that by a wide margin. He was like Nathanael, in whom there was no deceit (John 2:47). He was like Barnabas, whose very name meant “son of encouragement.” Wyndham was a relationship guru. He excelled in every area of relationships possible, beginning with God and then his fellow humans. As a husband, he enjoyed with his wife of 45 years a fairy tale come true. As a father, his children arise to call him blessed (Proverbs 31:28) for they have been so blessed by him. As a grandfather, being surrounded by his grandchildren lit his face up with pure joy and being in his presence was their favorite place, until the very end. Family was far broader than blood relatives, for the blood of Jesus shared gave him a family of thousands. He was admired, respected, sought after and deeply loved by those on all continents. He was a shepherd par excellence, serving as an elder for decades, overseeing the flock of God collectively with great wisdom and feeding the sheep individually with great love. For males and females of all stages and ages, he was the ultimate safe place, the safe harbor in the storms of life. No matter your emotional state when you came to him, you left with peace and assurance that life’s challenges would be met by God. The world lost a hero when Wyndham left it, but the impact of his life will live on through all who knew him, loved him and were loved by him. He was indeed a spiritual man among boys in many ways, but one whose life called us higher and will continue to do so. Like Abel of old, by faith he still speaks (Hebrews 11:4).

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