The 2010 International Leadership Conference marked significant turning points for the International Churches of Christ. The beginning of a new decade marked a new Spirit of focus on the Mission and faith for the future.

Thousands of disciples from around Florida joined the 2,000 ILC participants from over 60 countries for worship on Sunday. We are especially thrilled that our international attendance doubled from 2010.

People from 104 countries have watched this year’s ILC on over 25,000 times since Thursday with over 432,000 viewer minutes. You can watch all the 2010 ILC main sessions in our On Demand Library. You can also live chat with others from around the world who are watching.

The complete program is available at Audio of the sermons and classes will be available there in the next couple of weeks.

Having learned from God’s discipline and grace, many of our churches have truly turned around and are starting to grow again. Amazing strides are being made in the campus, singles, youth and family, women’s ministries and others. Churches are being planted, interns are being hired, people are returning to the full-time ministry. We have entered a new era of cooperation and interdependence led by humble relationships and godly influence.

Turning our attention to God’s mission, individual churches and regions of churches are praying, fasting and laying plans for the next decade before the Lord. These 2020 Visions herald a new day of radical vision and dependence on God.

Disciples Today premiered a new video: Visions & Dreams: a brief history of the International Churches of Christ. ICOC HotNews presented several inspiring short videos of good news from around the world. All of these will be available in the coming weeks from ICOC HotNews videos.

Appropriately for our new decade, the South Florida Church and ILC Director took the ILC to a new level. Our heartfelt thanks for your service and excellence.