This past March, the singles ministry in the Seattle church joined together for their annual spring retreat. Fifty-five disciples and their friends traveled through the mountains to a lodge in central Washington for a weekend of fellowship, meals, worship, games, hiking and laughter. Several years ago the ministry started taking bi-annual retreats together to remote locations around the state with the intent to connect to each other and God without the distractions of daily life. God has blessed the retreats tremendously.

One friend who came out was baptized a few days after returning home and a second friend was baptized at the Seattle City Region Easter service. Last November the ministry traveled to the coast for the winter retreat where another brother was baptized in the cold Pacific waters. By God’s grace, following the last five retreats, at least one friend has decided to become a disciple. A unique aspect of the Seattle retreats is that it’s not filled with a busy schedule. It’s truly a time to unplug and connect with God and each other. Aside from a short morning devo on Saturday and house church on Sunday, the disciples are free to spend the time however they choose. Because of that, you can find people playing board games, going on hikes, or visiting the local town. Others opt for spontaneous worship, reading, or lounging on the hammock. And there’s lots of eating! Regardless of the activities people to chose to participate in, we’re always grateful to be together and see the way God blesses the fellowship. We feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place with a fellowship dedicated to living out Acts 2 and Matthew 28.