Greetings, singles, from the West Coast USA! We have a special treat for you this fall as we unite to have the first ever West Coast Singles Conference entitled “Paradox.”

In Luke 5:26 the Bible reads that the observers of Jesus miracles witnessed “remarkable things today.” In Greek, that word “remarkable” can also mean astonishing, awe and paradox. Paradox is a key word because the gospel  of Luke is a crossroads of God’s bountiful love and how dark this world can be. It is an intersection of heaven and earth.

We chose this passage because this conference will be like no other in which we get a chance to serve the poor. We are pleased to announced that we are partnering up with HOPE worldwide to have a Day of Service in the middle of the conference. The singles have asked to do something dynamic to glorify Christ in our communities and that’s exactly what we want to achieve. This event will happen on October 12-15 in sunny San Diego, California! Last year we had 600 singles at the Oasis Retreat but this year we are expecting 1,000 singles.

Please register at for more information!