The Vancouver Church of Christ is seeking a leadership couple to join our family in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. The church is over 30 years old, and we are a stable group of 160 faithful disciples of Jesus, hailing from many ethnic backgrounds and walks of life. Our church has a reputation for generosity, a welcoming spirit, and epic potlucks! We are proud of our quickly expanding campus ministry, a well-established singles ministry, several dedicated service teams, an active HOPEww chapter, a teaching team, and a dynamic leadership group. The church has been without a full-time ministry couple since spring 2023.

We are looking for a mature couple who can walk alongside us, invest in us, and get to know our way of life. Enjoying “one another” relationships in a spiritually healthy way is a priority for our group as we strive to live like Jesus. We are looking for a couple with an ability to work with a wide range of backgrounds and ages, a truly collaborative leadership style, and a desire to bring a spirit of fun and inspiration with them. Our hope is to employ a full-time evangelist, but we are also open to either a full time or part time women’s ministry leader. 

Our church is striving to develop and practice sustainable ministry methods as we grow beyond performance-based paradigms. We are looking for ministry partners who are on a similar faith journey and who desire to set the tone in faithfulness, balanced living, Christ-centeredness, and healthy discipleship. As such, we desire that you would model and promote a sustainable pace of life, contemplative spirituality, and focus on living life to the full.

Experience working with married couples and providing pastoral care is an asset, as is working with established leadership groups. Helping us to mature spiritually and engage in spiritual formation is deeply important to us. Because of this, we are willing to support the right couple in pursuing further theological education.

If you chose to join us here, you would live in Canada’s most liveable city and the fifth most liveable city in the entire world. Vancouver is a world-class metropolis nestled within a captivating corner of God’s creation, surrounded by mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and impressive rainforests. Our moderate climate means that outdoor living exists year-round here. On top of that, Canada provides universal health care for all residents and even pays meaningful monthly benefits to families with children.

If God has put in on your heart, please send your application to