Think about your own dad. Pretend I’ve never met him/heard about him. Describe him to me

Some sample questions to help the teen:

  • What does your dad love to do? Hate to do?
  • What are some of his best character traits? Worst?
  • Do you know how he feels about you?
  • When is he most proud of you? What upsets him?

The Scriptures

LUKE 15:11-24

What is the son like before he leaves?

  • Selfish: He took his dad’s money before he was even dead
  • Very sinful: Reckless, wild, sensual

Even though the son was really mean to his father when he left, how did the father respond when the son returned?

  • So excited that he threw a party for him
  • Gave him gifts

Bottom Line: God is a compassionate and loving Father who desperately wants to be with us. He is not a judgmental God, waiting to zap us for every mistake. He wants to welcome you home in your relationship with him.

JOHN 8:1-9

What was Jesus’ reaction to this woman’s embarrassing, humiliating sin? (Keep in mind Jesus’ character is the exact representation of God’s character).

  • Sensitive to her embarrassment
  • Treated her sin like any other; not, “Oh, I can’t believe you did that!”
  • Totally forgiving, even though that sin was punishable by death

Bottom Line: Forgiveness is part of God’s character. Understanding our need for forgiveness and God’s willingness to totally forgive us helps to draw us closer to him, to love and appreciate him more.

HEBREWS 12:5-11

How does this verse say it feels to be disciplined?

Like hardship, painful and unpleasant

Why does God discipline?

  • For our good (to keep us from evil)
  • So we can learn lessons in order to make better decisions in the future
  • So we can be secure that he loves and cares for us

What is our Dad in heaven like?

  • He unconditionally loves.
  • He forgives all of our sins.
  • He disciplines us for our good.
  • He believes in us.

Personal Heart Check Questions

1. Do you want to be closer to God?

2. Let’s read your essay. Is your view of God different now than when you wrote this?

3. Is there a link between how you view your earthly father and your heavenly Father?

4. Are you willing to open wide your heart to God and let him be the Father to you that he wants and needs to be?

Practical Applications

Write out a half-page response about what you’ve learned from this study. Pray everyday to see God as the Bible describes him, not as you feel or think he is.