“I pray that they will all be one” – John 17:21 (NLT)

On October 24th, 2020 God united more than 69 churches from different countries in North and South America. From the North to the Southern Cone and the Caribbean, there was a virtual event called “Without Borders” in which female disciples of Jesus and friends participated.

During the transmission of this virtual event through Mujeres Hoy , three channels on YouTube and Facebook, 6,793 people were connected and 24 hours later, there were more than 12,000 views for God’s glory.

This dream began with a small group of friends that shared the vision of seeing Latinas from all over the world come together during an afternoon of fellowship, good news sharing and encouragement during this pandemic. That’s when the idea emerged to create a video with the good news of the churches in Latin America and the Hispanic ministries in the United States to encourage and inspire each other.

What began as something small and simple, God lifted to a level we couldn’t imagine. We came together in the spirit of encouragement, along with prayer and fasting.

Many women church leaders collaborated with willing and loving hearts and decided to make this dream their own. They showed support by sending material such as photos of women disciples in their local churches and names of women who have been baptized and restored during this pandemic. The number totaled more than 234 new sisters that have made Jesus their Lord and Savior!

The video also included photos from recent weddings, HOPE activities that brought love to those in need, and testimonies that touched and moved our hearts deeply. Messages of faith and encouragement from organizers were shared in three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Also the new generation of young people and girls who have grown up in our churches shared messages to encourage our faith. They certainly filled our hearts with admiration, inspiration, and gratitude for hope of our future.

We thank those who sent in videos sharing beautiful praises. These filled us with joy and praises to our Lord. Even more inspiring was hearing songs with beautiful lyrics that were composed by two of our sisters and played during the baptisms. Seeing so much talent and excellence in the fellowship fills us with deep gratitude and joy that words can’t express.

And we are grateful for the wonderful team of collaborating disciples who volunteered their talents to produce and promote the event and edit the video. They worked many hours over the course of several days to ensure it was a success.

We are in awe of how God directed and blessed this unprecedented event! It was never on our agenda for 2020 yet today we are convinced that it was God who has strengthened our bonds of love and sisterhood in the midst of the difficulties of the pandemic.

“Without Borders” has encouraged our hearts in extraordinary ways. We see so many miracles that God continues to work in all the churches, especially in the lives of our sisters. Without a doubt, God has strengthened our faith by showing us his fidelity, love, presence, holy people, and ultimately his church.

Enjoying this virtual fellowship was a taste of the joy we will live in heaven together with our Lord Jesus Christ. Much appreciation to each sister and friend for being a part of this vision that became a great blessing and celebration!

We thank God for allowing us to be witnesses to this miracle. We honor him for all that he has done and will continue to do in Latin America and the Hispanic ministries in the United States. We give him all the glory, because he is the only one that deserves it!

Let’s keep making history! Let’s live WITHOUT BORDER!