2016 brought several new sisters into the women’s service team as others transitioned out. This team consists of the Elders Service Team wives and the wives of those on the Evangelist Service Team. The women on the Teachers’ Service Team have also been a part of the group. Together, we try to keep issues pertinent to the sisters around the world in focus as we seek to fulfill our team’s purpose:

The mission of the women’s committee is as follows:

To serve the sisters around the world by providing resources for growth and inspiration through the Women Today website, planning the women’s portion of worldwide conferences, and championing the need for healthy functioning of women’s ministry throughout all of our churches.

Of late, communication has still been pinpointed as the greatest service the women’s team can provide. We continue to send devotionals, lessons and good news concerning women to women church leaders around the world. The response has been extremely meaningful, and this helps us to feel more connected.

Our “Sister2Sister” video clips have been delayed due to a staffing change in ICOC HotNews filming. We hope to provide more of these videos within the year.

Several subcommittees have been hard at work preparing the women’s program for the Reach2016 women’s portion of the conference. Also, an international subcommittee did the planning for the women’s portion of the ILC 2016.

Our committee consists of the following women:

Abigail Ereola (Lagos, Nigeria), Anne-Brigitte Taliaferro (San Antonio, TX), Barri Lusk (Denver, CO), Caroline George (Delhi, India), Cynthia Powell (NY, NY), Erica Kim (Denver, CO), Elexa Liu (Hong Kong), Farida Enrile (Manila), Geri Laing  (S. Florida), Gloria Baird (Phoenix, AZ), Helen Nanjundan (London, UK), Jane Maleya (Lagos), Jeanie Shaw (Boston, MA), Joyce Arthur (Boston, MA), Kay McKean (N.VA),  Kim Evans (Philadelphia, PA), Kris Rols, Linda Brumley (San Diego, CA), Marci Arneson (Chicago, IL), Mary Lou Craig (NJ), Pat Brush (S. Florida), Renee Quint (Los Angeles), Sally Hooper (Dallas, TX), Sarai Serra (Buenos Aires), Siu Wai Wong (Hong Kong), Sonia Arroyo (Mexico City), Tatyana Zhuravlev (Moscow)

Jeanie Shaw

Women’s Service Team co-chair