One stated goal of the women’s service committee is to strengthen the sisters around the world through communication about available resources for growth, encouragement and more effective outreach. With this in mind, during our meeting in San Antonio, we divided into subcommittees to enhance our ability to work together productively.  Below is a short summary of the goals of the subcommittees, as well as the names and contact info for the committee members.

(Some of the subcommittees include sisters who are not currently on the service team.)  Once the information is gathered and sorted by the subcommittees, a process for communication and distribution will be discussed by our service team.

These committees have already begun communication with each other.  In October the subcommittee chairwomen had a conference call.   It was so encouraging to hear of some of the ideas discussed that can certainly serve to help us become more effective in reaching, maturing and training women for Jesus in the future.

The subcommittees are:  (* denotes the committee chairperson)

Women’s Curriculum:  This sub-committee will gather “best practices” of lessons and/or series seen to be both needed and helpful to the teaching of all sisters in our fellowship.  *Linda Brumley, Mary Lou Craig, Jane Chin, Sylvia Reus, Gloria Baird, Barri Lusk, Karen Louis

Leadership Training:  This sub-committee will gather “best practices” of current (and future) topics and facilitating of training for those training for

a) Women’s Full-Time Ministry

b) Leadership in Family Groups and House Churches   *Tammy Fleming, Paule Dasse, Geri Laing, Barbara Porter, Joyce Arthur, Laura Garcia

Children’s Ministry: This subcommittee will gather “best practices” of children’s ministry in our churches. *Lena Wooten, Sally Hooper, Kim Evans,  Ira Donskaya

Single Women: This subcommittee will gather “best practices” for meeting needs of and utilizing the talents of our single women.  *Pat Brush, Irene Renton, Veronica Ortega, Cynthia Powell,  Maley

Women Today:  This subcommittee will gather good news, stories, Bible studies, lessons, video and audio and post on Disciples today to help facilitate growth, communication and inspiration among our sisters worldwide.

Near the end of March  2013, the elders, evangelists and teachers service teams and all service team chairpersons will be meeting in Los Angeles.  We will have a time to meet as the women’s service team for all those that are able to make it during this time.We are happy to report that Kay McKean and Deb Anton are now representing the women as part of the teacher’s service team, and Terrie Fontenot and Robin Williams are on the board of the Disciples’ Bible Academy.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanie Shaw and Anne-Brigitte Taliaferro, chairwomen

Women’s Service Team Members:

Marci Arneson – Chicago, Illinois
Joyce Arthur – Boston, Massachusetts
Gloria Baird – Los Angeles, California
Linda Brumley – Seattle, Washington
Pat Brush – Miami, Florida
Mary Lou Craig – New York, NY
Paule Dasse – Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire
Faridah Enrile – Manila, Philippines
Abigail Ereola – Lagos, Nigeria
Kim Evans – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tammy Fleming – Birmingham, UK
Terrie Fontenot – Sydney, Australia
Laura Garcia – Los Angeles, Calfornia
Sally Hooper – Dallas, Texas
Erica S Kim – Denver, Colorado
Geri Laing – Miami, Florida
Elexa Liu – Hong Kong, China
Karen Louis – Singapore
Barri Lusk – Denver, Colorado
Veronica Ortega – San Salvador, El Salvador
Barbara Porter – Miami, Florida
Cynthia Powell – New York, NY
Irene Renton – Johannesburg, South Africa
Jeanie Shaw – Boston, Massachusetts
Lena Sokolkina – Novosibirsk, Russia
Anne-Brigitte Taliaferro – San Antonio, Texas
Robin Williams – Los Angeles, California
Siu Wai Wong – Hong Kong, China
Lena Wooten – Kiev, Ukraine