We are very thankful for the progress God has granted the Youth and Family Ministry committee. Since our last report, our website, www.liveit2giveit.org is up and running. The website features resources for parents, volunteers, and youth workers. It also serves as the registration site for the upcoming International Conference for Youth and Family Ministry (ICYFM) to be held in Chicago, April 14-16. The ICYFM conference plans are going excellently. The program and most speakers are set, and the conference is generating much excitement.

Perhaps the most touching development (this is perhaps better characterized as “great news!”) since our last report is that our recently departed Dan Rice’s brother-in-law Jeff Shain and his niece, Allison Shain, were baptized into Christ in the South Florida Church of Christ. About a year ago, Dan attended the Youth and Family Service Committee meeting in Florida. While meeting with John Porter, Dan mentioned that his step-sister lived nearby. The Porters and their Bible Talk group began reaching out to the family and God worked powerfully, even through Dan’s tragic death, to bring about salvation to Dan’s family.

Please join us in Chicago and pray for our upcoming conference!