In July of 2017, the youth ministry of the Quito Ecuador church, spearheaded by Gerardo and Monica de la Torre and assisted by a group of enthusiastic singles and college students, assumed the challenge of putting on an international retreat “Your Voice My Freedom” (Tu Voz Mi Libertad). About 80 young people, local and international, participated in the retreat, with people coming from Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and the US. After this event, many of the teens in the Quito church decided to study the Bible. In the following months, the group carried out various activities in the ministry, with an average of 50 young people attending every Saturday. About 20 teens started studying the Bible, first focusing on character studies and then First Principles. This year God has allowed us to see miracles, on January 28, four young people were baptized and then on May 20, seven more decided to make Jesus the Lord of their lives! The weekend of May 20th, we had planned a camping trip and retreat. The purpose was to continue building unity in the ministry, especially with the newer kids. There were two classes: “How to Stay Faithful” and “Good and Correct Relationships” and at night spirit-led singing and sharing. On the second day there was a service with the parents of the teens who were ready to be baptized. We are infinitely grateful to see the power of God working in Ecuador and to see the profound impact God’s word is having on the youth of Quito.