Join me as I talk to Dr. Sean St. Jean, author of the new book, Spiritual Trauma: A Guide for Healing Your Heart from Church Hurts.  I recently met Sean and read his book and we talk about his background, his book and why he wrote it.  Listen to Sean as he talks about:

  1. The massive bicycle accident that changed the direction of his life.  
  2. Why he got into counseling
  3. What prompted him to write his new book
  4. The “ABC’s of Trauma” or three different levels of trauma church members face and how to identify them.
  5. Conformity culture
  6. How we create a world of good or bad in our own heads
  7. The dangers of leaving your current church for the hope of a better environment and how each of us needs to “choose our dysfunction.”
  8. His tools for helping Christians work through trauma.
  9. The difference between “worth” and “worthy” and why it makes a world of difference.
  10. His method for spiritual recovery

You can find this interview on the Rob Skinner Podcast here for audio only or you can watch and listen to the interview on YouTube here:

More about Dr. Sean St. Jean:

Dr. Sean St. Jean is a full-time professor at King University in Tennessee, teaching therapy at a graduate level. He is also a therapist in private practice, and has worked with hundreds of disciples and ministry staff around the world who are struggling spiritual trauma, workplace stress, and ministry burnout. His new book, Spiritual Trauma: A Guide to Healing Your Heart From Church Hurts was just released this fall and can be found at Sean, his wife Erin, and their three children currently live in British Columbia, Canada, and are active members of the Vancouver Church of Christ.

Dr. Sean St. Jean can be reached at