Despite these unpredictable times, it is an exciting time for the ICOC churches in the United Kingdom. God has been preparing the hearts of the UK disciples to form two mission teams in both the physical and digital world, to bring souls to know and love God.

Mission Team 1: Cardiff, Wales

Currently, our family of churches does not have a church in Wales. The church has raised incredible people to take up the calling to be part of the first plantings in 17 years. We truly believe that this pandemic has helped to prepare our hearts to go out and seek and save the lost. Zach and Rebekah Anton were asked to head the mission team in August 2019. They had originally wanted to do a couple more years in London and then potentially move back to the States. Time, prayer, reading the Word, and going to their families for counsel helped with their decision to step out in faith.

Rebekah said that looking at people in the Old Testament helped her to be reminded that every Christian is a part of a bigger plan (Isaiah 6:8), and she remembered that Jesus commended those who stepped out in faith (Matthew 25:23). Zach spoke specifically on prayer and seeking God’s will. He had been away from home for six years when asked to stay longer and lead the team. When reflecting on how God called him overseas, he remembered scriptures like Matthew 6:25-33. Remembering this helped him discern what God was calling them towards.

The Antons left London for Cardiff in October 2020. God has already blessed their move in many ways.

Zach, Rebekah and Rose Anton.

Mission Team 2: Digital Ministry

Zach and Rebekah began leading the student ministry the year I joined it. Their leadership helped me tremendously to improve in my relationship with God. I studied Marketing at the University of Roehampton and graduated in July 2020. When I applied for the role Digital Minister, I did not expect much because I am young and have entry-level skills. However, God blessed me with this opportunity to use what I studied at university to serve him only one month after graduating.

Preparing for this ministry came at a perfect time. COVID-19 has pushed us all to redirect to online ministry. Recently, we found that YouTube had recommended one of our services to over 163,000 people – something that would be very hard to do by evangelizing on foot.

I am excited to help the church start to move in a more digital direction. This includes working on our website, social media, and YouTube. My dream for this ministry is to get the UK church to a point where we have an attractive online presence which brings all types of people to become curious about Jesus and create an easy path for them to attend church services, study the Bible and become disciples. Matthew 28:18-20 is the scripture I have been clinging to since I applied for this role. Especially where Jesus says, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Jesus is with us even as we tackle a non-physical ministry.

Nathania Harrison

Please be praying for us in the UK to help bring souls to Jesus in Wales and online!