Randy (R.K.) McKean masterfully narrates this murder mystery thriller. With exceptional detail and character development, it was easy to get caught up in the story and hard to put the book down! Randy weaves in his experience in various cities around the U.S. and historical events to make the reader relive each event, envision each place, and understand the relationships involved. I’m not a fiction reader but found myself enthralled by the story and amused at how Randy tied every detail together. Just when I thought he wrapped the bow tightly to finish, an unexpected ending took the story to another level. Loved every minute of this one!  – Brett Kreider: Cybersecurity Consultant, ICOC Teacher & Author

With retirement from full-time ministry after 40 years, I wanted to fulfill a bucket list desire. In fact, I’ve dreamed of writing a novel since taking a Creative Writing class at the University of Florida back in the mid-70s. I love reading crime/psychological thrillers so this is the genre that attracted me.

My father finished his career as an Admiral in the Navy, so growing up I was exposed to diverse learning opportunities about people and locations. As an adult, I have given speeches/sermons in over 40 nations and lived in such diverse places as Paris, Boston, Munich, Tokyo, Columbia, Orlando, and the DC area. Presently I reside in Maui. At seventeen I had cancer, which brought surgeries and radiation therapy. Later in life, I had open-heart surgery due to an issue stemming from my radiation treatments. I believed by experiencing all the life I have lived, I was ready to write.

Because of being in the full-time ministry, I have had the opportunity to befriend, teach, and counsel people from many different life situations and backgrounds. From my own life and from others, I have learned that pain is a part of life that everyone must learn to deal with successfully in order to live a fulfilling and satisfying life. Unfortunately many never find a way forward from their pain. I wrote this book in hopes that it would both entertain and give insight into how to move through pain victoriously.

About the book

Pain Killer, a twisty, edge-of-your-seat thriller, moves from Boston to New York City, Miami Beach, Atlanta, and the University of Florida campus. Follow this page-turning emotional roller coaster and watch how the dots are connected to find the solution to the horrific crime spree. Just in time.

From the book:

After TJ Maverick’s wife dies in a vicious terrorist attack, can TJ find a way to be motivated by his pain instead of being defined by it? This question will take him, and anyone who goes with him, on a fast-paced, life-altering journey. In unfamiliar and dangerous surroundings TJ enters the world of monsters. A psychology professor who becomes an FBI criminal profiler, TJ must allow the invasion of personal pain to lead him to a new direction, a new outlook, and a new understanding of life.

Pain always has consequences. Those who inflict pain have suffered pain — and the cycle always continues. Hurt people hurt people. No two people handle pain in exactly the same way. 

When enough pieces of the puzzle fit together, the monster’s face is revealed. When the motive is known, the monster is known. Pain always has a history and histories overlap for the monster and TJ. Where will it lead? 

About the author

Randy McKean was baptized into Christ in 1973 as a freshman at the University of Florida. He graduated in 1977 achieving a degree in English, Religion, and Education with high honors. He is the author of Radical Faith – 10 Faith Secrets and with his wife, Kay, the author of Radical Love – 10 Love Secrets. While leading the Boston Church from 1990 to 2003, he planned and prepared mission teams for New England and 24 countries in Europe. Randy served in the full-time ministry for 40 years in the roles of a campus minister, lead evangelist, and elder in the International Churches of Christ. 

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